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Are you lost in the health shuffle?

  • Do you want to work towards a weight loss goal?

  • Are you seeking to improve your health through a lifestyle change?

  • Do you want to gain a new perspective on “diets” and exercise?

  • Are you frustrated and find it hard to get the attention and support of a wellness practitioner?

IF so, YOU are in the right place!

LIVEFIT isn’t a program or a brand—it’s a lifestyle. LIVEFIT is the brainchild of Roseann Zaft. She created LIVEFIT to ensure that people who are willing and eager to improve their health can receive personal attention and concierge service when it comes to weight loss and wellness.

As a Wellness Coach, Roseann is committed to finding an approach that works best for every single one of her clients. She has studied all of the major dietary theories and she combines them with a practical lifestyle coaching method. Roseann doesn’t believe in hard-selling services, because those who are committed to their health know how valuable good health is to the longevity of their lives—and you can’t put a price tag on that. She also doesn’t believe in fat shaming to increase sales, which is, unfortunately, prevalent in today’s fitness market.

One conversation can change your life, but nobody can make you take action—this is a decision you have to commit to. So, if you’re ready and willing to inquire about the journey to a new you, please call LIVEFIT today. Consultations are always free, and there is never an obligation to take further action.

Regardless of your age or physical challenges, she understands what you need and can help you achieve your fitness goals. Roseann is an extremely gifted trainer.