Healthy Sugar? There’s No Such Thing!





Healthy Sugar? There’s No Such Think.

Did you know some of your “healthy” foods may contain as much sugar as a can (or two) of Pepsi? Labeling can be tricky and the food manufactures have (and continue to) develop clever ways to sneak sugar and sugar substitutes into foods using alternative names.

For example, organic BBQ sauce is still packed with an average of 13 grams of sugar for every two tablespoons. Do you know anyone who only uses two tablespoons of BBQ sauce? I didn’t think so! And yogurt is even worse. A single serving of typical yogurt is packed with 19 grams of sugar.

Some people think because basic products contain vegetables that there is no sugar content. Well, tomato sauce in a has an average of 13 grams of sugar for every half of a cup. Agave, AKA a “healthy food” also has shocking amounts of sugar. Agave is 85% fructose. In fact, it’s arguably even more damaging than cane sugar, which is all sucrose. Fructose is metabolized almost exclusively by your liver, which is hard work.

Oh, and the energy drinks that are zero calories…. you’re better off drinking a soda (not really) because the energy drinks come with a side of 86 grams of sugar. Healthy, fruit, vegetable… whatever the ingredient or appearance may say about the product, it is always best to check for the sugar content on the label. Additionally, you should be reading the label to get a sense of where sugars are hidden by clever and alternative names.

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